Statement from Residential Energy Dynamics

This calculator was created for AirCycler® by Residential Energy Dynamics, LLC (RED). This annual ventilation cost estimator continues our long-standing commitment to providing users with the best, unbiased information and calculation methods possible.


The purpose of this calculator is to provide homeowners and contractors with estimates of the annual cost of operating a whole-building ventilation system using one of four AirCycler® controls/systems or one of four generic HRV/ERV systems. The yearly cost includes the costs for heating and cooling ventilation air (fossil fuel and electricity) and the electrical cost for any fan or central furnace blower to move the ventilation air.

The actual cost for a particular home depends on several factors, most importantly, the required ventilation rate. To calculate this required ventilation rate for a particular home requires a measurement of the house air leakage, obtained from performing a blower-door test, equipment not available to most homeowners or contractors. For this reason, we decided to provide a range for the estimated ventilation cost based only on facts that homeowners are likely to know. These include ZIP code, living area, number of stories above ground level, number of bedrooms, and the price of heating fuel and electricity.

For increased accuracy, homeowners or their contractors may provide optional detailed inputs for exhaust fan airflow rate, exhaust fan wattage, air-handler blower wattage, and furnace airflow rate through the motorized fresh-air damper connecting the furnace ductwork to the outdoors.

General Assumptions

These assumptions are made for the low-end and high-end estimates of the reported cost range:

Assumptions for Low-end Estimate

The low-end estimate is based on a home with the following characteristics:

Assumptions for High-end Estimate

The high-end estimate is based on a home with the following characteristics:

Calculator Inputs

The following items must be either selected from drop-down menus or entered in an input box. The appearance of some items in the Estimator depend on other selected items.


The Annual Ventilation Cost Range includes a low end and high end. Under these Low- and High-end Estimates, are some explanatory details:

It is valid to interpolate between the high-end and low-end ventilation rates to find an estimated annual ventilation cost. For example, assume the high-end is $154 for 74 CFM and low-end is $41 for 15 CFM, using an AirCycler® system and controls. If you find when using a more detailed ventilation sizing calculator, such as the Residential Energy Dynamics ASHRAE 62.2 tool, that the required ventilation is 60 CFM using the same location, living space, bedrooms, and stories; simply interpolate to find the estimated cost of $125.

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